About Us

Saiya Patel – Co-Founder, President

With her vast experience in graphic design and her dedication to implementing strategic, effective social media plans, Saiya will ensure success for your business. Saiya graduated with the class of 2022 from William Mason High School and is attending The Ohio State University as a Morrill Scholar to further her education in Marketing and Sales.

Kal Patel – Co-Founder, CEO

Kal brings over 35 years of entrepreneurial expertise, successfully launching multiple businesses from the ground up. His experience spans consulting business owners, providing personalized coaching, and inspiring individuals to achieve their desired results. As a recognized contributor, he has written numerous articles and have been featured on podcasts and in various media publications. He is proud to be a regular contributor for Forbes and the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, where he shares insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth.

Lindsey Bills – Social Media Manager

While pursuing her degree in Social and Digital Media Marketing at Brigham Young University, Idaho, Lindsey is committed to using her skills to successfully market your company with her prior experience in marketing Retail, Wedding, and Food Services. Lindsey has also run Social Media for non-profit sporting teams, and church-wide missions. She looks forward to working with you while always keeping your best interest in mind.

Annabella Cortez – Social Media Coordinator

With a passion for marketing and a keen eye for design, Annabella is a passionate member of the class of 2024 at William Mason High School. Currently serving as the Chief Marketing Officer of Mason High School’s Experiential Learning Program, she has gained valuable experience in implementing strategic and effective social media plans. In the future, she is going to major in marketing  at Farmer School of Business and have a career dedicated to innovative brand promotion.

Preena Metha – Social Media Coordinator

Preena is currently a student at Mason High School with a passion for digital marketing and media. She excels in crafting engaging content. With an eye for storytelling, Preena captures moments through her photography – a strong talent of hers. She also has experience designing merchandise for her High School. Eager to expand her skills and contribute meaningfully to the digital landscape, Preena is always up for new opportunities learn and grow.

Abbey English – Social Media Coordinator

Abbey is currently studying Digital Marketing at Xavier University. She is dedicated to learning about creating compelling content that resonates across online platforms. She has experience working with a local band, as well as sports teams where she leveraged their platforms to share updates, and connect with fans. She is also proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

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